a sunrise engagement // Washington, DC

Lauren & Luke | Engaged

January 25, 2020


There are so many reasons why I love visiting our nation’s capital. My aunt and uncle live there, the architecture is stunning, some of the best museums in the world all sit conveniently along 1.9 miles of the National Mall, and I would argue that DC boasts a better dining out scene than New York City.

When Lauren & Luke first approached me about photographing their engagement session in their newly adopted city, I jumped at the idea! It’s this photographer’s dream to photograph in all of her favorite cities in the US, and DC has been at the very top of that list for a long time.

Lauren & Luke first met in law school. I like to think the rigors of their program helped bring them together. Upon graduation, they both got jobs at large law firms in DC, they moved there together, and the rest is history.

Most engagement sessions happen in the evening, during the golden hour before sunset. But what lots of people don’t know is that you can experience the same quality of light during a different golden hour – right after sunrise!

For Lauren & Luke’s engagement session, sunrise golden hour was the right hour for us. Why? Well for one thing, these two are busy lawyers with busy jobs. For another, if you want to capture intimate portraits anywhere on the National Mall, you’ve got to beat the crowds 🙂

lincoln memorial

While Lauren & Luke certainly wanted to capitalize on the beautiful backdrops that DC has to offer, they didn’t want their images to appear too capital-kitschy or focused on the monuments around them.

Challenge accepted! We began our session at the nearly-deserted Lincoln Memorial to give a nod to DC’s architectural landmarks before switching gears and strolling through the natural greenery of Constitution Park. We had a cold morning on our hands, but these two were absolute troopers (law school will prepare you for any struggle, it seems) and kept their smiles fresh and hugs warm throughout our time together.

constitution park

I never knew that this part of the mall had a specific name, but you learn something new every day!

The Constitution Gardens are a beautiful part of DC perfect for early morning jogs, romantic evening strolls, and even weekend picnics near the ponds! I’ve walked this park many times during busier parts of the day and it felt so special to have it all to ourselves 🙂

Congratulations to Lauren & Luke!

I am beyond excited to celebrate alongside you at your wedding this fall!

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