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p.s. have I mentioned I'm the queen of fun facts and trivia?

Hi there! I’m Bailey, and I’m thrilled you’re here! It’s such an honor to document the day your family and friends-that-feel-like-family come together to celebrate a couple they love. As two lives become one, I seamlessly integrate photography into your day in a way that feels fun and never forced. Yes, even those posed portraits! By carefully observing your natural interactions, I’ll make sure to avoid prompts that make you feel awkward, lingering instead in moments where your personalities shine brightest...all the while keeping an eye on my watch so we can get you back to your family and friends ASAP!

With a background in non-profit fundraising and marketing strategy, I learned how to blend my analytical, problem-solving instincts with my empathetic, creative spirit to create an all-encompassing experience that is seamless and organized while delivering breathtaking beauty. I can be as efficient and meticulous as a marketing executive, yet innovative and passionate as an artist. Best of both worlds! And by booking no more than 20 weddings a year, I make sure each couple’s story receives every drop of intentionality, attention, and care within me. Now, let’s tell yours!


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wedding photography that feels
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bailey went above and beyond my expectations. she captured all the little moments




let's connect

let's connect