Today, surrounded by a sea of sticky notes, house plants, and dog treats for my trusty four-legged assistant Nora, I help couples like you craft a wedding photography experience that feels planned to perfection and as relaxing as a Sunday brunch with your best friend ( I’m craving waffles). With a style that is brilliant without being overpowering and elegant without feeling stuffy, I fill galleries with images that will be just as beautiful on your 50th anniversary as they are on your 1st. They’ll bring every sight, scent, sound, and emotion rushing right back as though it all happened only yesterday. That’s the magic of timeless photography, for ya!

When I’m not Tetrising together the perfect wedding day timeline with your wedding planner or drafting up a sneak peek post from that weekend’s showstopper of a wedding day, I’m probably volunteering (NourishKC and Children’s Mercy Hospital have my heart at the moment), conquering hills on my Peloton, burning through a podcast, or snuggled up with my husband, Vince, watching “The Great British Bakeoff” and planning our next adventure abroad. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might even spot us with our season tickets at the KC Ballet, KC Symphony, or a Sporting KC soccer match! 

But enough about me! I can’t wait to meet your family, trade jokes with your groomsmen, and cheer with your bridesmaids during the first mimosa toast. And when I start to giddy dance, that’s your clue that I’m loving the gorgeous portraits we’re creating, so consider yourself warned! But most of all, I can’t wait to form a sincere friendship with you as I walk by your side from booking day to the day you say, “I do.” Ready to get started? 

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"Bailey cultivated a connection with us so that on our wedding day, seeing her was like seeing a trusted friend."

Whew! When I reminisce on my journey, I feel like I lived so many different lives before picking up a camera full time. But no matter how seemingly disconnected each path I traveled down was, I discovered at the end that I had collected all the skills and talents that would someday help me build Bailey Pianalto Photography. 

My anthropology education fostered my passion for legacy and storytelling, while my ceramics courses taught me how to chase a creative inkling and be attentive to even the smallest details. My work as a non-profit fundraiser refined my ability to see a need and find a way to fill it, and my MBA and career in marketing equipped me to think strategically and execute on a vision. Through it all, I toyed with my camera, fostering my favorite talent until it became an all-consuming hobby I wanted to make into more. And so Bailey Pianalto Photography was born!

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I serve the KC community through NourishKC, Master Gardening, & the Children's Mercy Hospital gift shop

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"When Bailey arrived to start capturing our day I had a wave of relief because I knew it was the start of our vision coming to life."



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Love, elegance, and historic charm came together in perfect harmony at the breathtaking Larz Anderson House in the heart of Washington, D.C. Nestled amid the city's bustling streets, this stunning mansion provided the idyllic backdrop for a wedding that will forever be etched in the memories of the happy couple and their guests. The grandeur of the Larz Anderson House, combined with the meticulous attention to detail and personal touches, created an unforgettable experience that celebrated not only the union of two souls but also the rich history of this iconic venue.