a romantic San Diego sunset session

Caitlin & Jerry in San Diego

August 10, 2022

Traveling Far

romantic sunset Scripps Pier San Diego engagement session

I have a lot of sentimental memories across the years in San Diego, and now I have a few more to add to the list!

On Monday, Caitlin & Jerry became my first San Diego engagement session couple! And I couldn’t have asked for a better duo for this milestone. This was the first time I’d be meeting C&J in person (because, you know, they live in San Diego) and right from our first hug I knew we were going to have an amazing evening together. Caitlin & Jerry are simply down for anything, and I took full advantage of their adventurous selves 😉

First we began their session at Balboa Park in the heart of San Diego. The very first time I visited San Diego in high school we spent an afternoon exploring this stunning area. Honestly, you could spend days in Balboa and you’d still miss things. Caitlin & Jerry’s natural chemistry popped in front of the camera, even while surrounded by such beautiful architecture and gardens.

From Balboa, we headed to the beach near Scripps Pier. This iconic landmark is a popular evening destination for the surf-loving San Diegans, but you’d never think it from Caitlin & Jerry’s images. If you angle things just right, you can hid pretty much every surfer and sun bather on the beach! Except for one place: under the pier.

As we walked towards the pier, we started to notice this group of 30+ photographers huddled together with their tripods directly under the pier. At first I thought it was some photography class, but when I asked one of the guys there he said that this evening was one of two days a year that the sun sets directly centered to the pier. What are the freaking odds?? Thankfully, we’d arrived at the beach a little early and this crew was gracious and let us photograph under the pier as long as we were out of the way before sunset 🙂 And even with their new paparazzi, Caitlin & Jerry totally rocked the moments captured there!

After Caitlin & Jerry kindly drove me back to my rental car we left at Balboa Park I was so hyped up from their session that I had trouble falling asleep! I was riding a mix of emotions from exhaustion to pure joy. But mostly I was feeling pure gratitude for getting to work with such wonderful couples in such beautiful places. See some of my favorites below!


Your wedding celebration next summer is going to be simply spectacular!

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