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Abbey & Ben | Engaged

July 18, 2022


fun flirty downtown Kansas City engagement session inspiration

Guys, I’m gonna be real honest here: I didn’t want last night to end! I had the best time with Abbey & Ben capturing their engagement session and I just didn’t want it to stop! (Don’t you hate it when sunset bursts your bubble like that?)

I’ve only known these two lovebirds for a short time, but already I can feel such a strong connection with them. Both Abbey & Ben are both so welcoming and outgoing, which makes it so easy to get to know them! To prepare for their engagement session, the three of us met over Zoom to give us all a chance to get to know each other beforehand. I wanted to brush off some of those initial nerves early on so we could get right down to the fun stuff!

Both Abbey & Ben describe their relationship as easy from the very beginning. They met while Ben was in grad school at KSU, shortly after Abbey had graduated from KU (a house divided!) and very quickly Ben found himself driving back to KC most weekends to spend time with this special girl. Fast forward to last night’s session, and I can totally see what they mean by their relationship being “easy”. Abbey & Ben are just totally in tune with each other. They’re supportive, playful, spontaneous, and just so very in love with each other. It’s honestly a joy to photograph!

One of Ben’s favorite things about Abbey is that she is always down to try new things. In fact, some of this couple’s most memorable date nights have been creating new adventurous memories. Together they’ve tried ceramics classes, wine-filled painting sessions, cooking classes, and more. And last night, this adventurous side really came out for my camera! Ben may give Abbey the credit for being the adventurous one, but I think both of these lovebirds inspire the adventure in each other 🙂

True to character, Abbey & Ben selected to spots for their engagement session where they’d never been! First, we explored Loose Park’s rose garden. The last spring blooms are still showing off their beauty, and we had the garden practically to ourselves. It was a hot evening but these two kept their spirits high, even when the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. Our second stop turned out to be multiple stops! I was so inspired by these two that I wanted to take them all over downtown if I could. But time was of the essence, so I narrowed our adventure down to 4 of my favorite spots in the area. In between stops, Abbey, Ben, and I got to know each other a little more. By the end of the night I left with the biggest smile on my face. I couldn’t wait to get home and start looking at what I’d captured!


I can’t wait for our biggest adventure yet next summer – your wedding day!!

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