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Elizabeth & Wilson | Engaged

October 14, 2021


fall Nelson-Atkins engagement session ideas

Elizabeth & Wilson’s engagement sessions (yes, “sessionS”) were a wild ride!

Let’s talk about session #1:

All day the forecast kept showing clouds but NO rain. Clouds moved in and out. Pockets of blue sky tempted us. Sunshine even appeared on my back patio in the afternoon. So still we never expected rain.

And then it rained.

I arrived early to our first photo spot, Loose Park, to double check all of my favorite locations. Right as I was finishing up, it started drizzling and I couldn’t help but shout “No!” out loud. I managed to alarm the gentleman enjoying the rose garden near me, but I wasn’t able to stop the rain. At least not right then.

As luck would have it, we DID get a small break from the drizzle and we captured tons of beautiful portraits throughout Loose Park! As we headed to the Nelson-Atkins Museum for our second stop, it started to drizzle again. And this time it didn’t let up. We managed to get a ~few~ beautiful portraits at the Nelson, but not nearly as many as we hoped. So we’ll have to save those for another, sunnier day!

Elizabeth & Wilson handled all of these weather flexes with total grace. They were probably as bummed as me on the inside, but on the outside they kept it together. Their proposal also happened in the rain, so they’re total pros at this portraits-in-the-rain thing. And I like to think that we’re just getting all of this rain out of our system before the wedding day 🙂

Okay, now onto session #2:

As luck would have it, third time taking professional photos was the charm! The evening of Elizabeth & Wilson’s engagement session reschedule (we had some unfinished business at the Nelson, after all) was simply perfection and well worth the wait. Wilson kindly drove back into town from Columbia (and probably loved having another excuse to see Elizabeth in person). They donned the same stunning outfits, and we met up under a sunny cool sky for round 2.

It’s not often that couples get a second chance at their engagement session. You could tell that this time, Elizabeth & Wilson felt more confident in front of the camera. They seemed more relaxed, and we all knew which poses and angles were their most flattering and true-to-them. If Elizabeth & Wilson were this confident in front of the camera for their second engagement, just imagine how much they’re going to rock their wedding portraits!

Loose Park

Cheers to Elizabeth & Wilson!

Can’t get enough of these lovebirds? Check out their wedding day!!

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