a vibrant fall engagement // Kansas City, MO

Caitlin & Brody | Engaged

November 12, 2021


elegant fall foliage Loose Park Kansas City engagement session

Caitlin & Brody’s engagement session yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect. But it almost didn’t end up that way!

We originally scheduled Caitlin & Brody’s session for Wednesday evening (the day prior) but it was cold and rainy and just downright miserable. So we pushed to Thursday, where the forecast was perfectly sunny and (relatively) warm. As I was pulling out of my driveway to head to Loose Park, giant heavy raindrops started falling on my windshield. What the heck?? The forecast didn’t show a bit of rain and then suddenly this giant cloud was rolling in with a downpour!

I quickly checked the radar, and it seemed like this was just one weird cloud rolling through and it’d be gone in a matter of minutes. And as luck would have it right as I was pulling into Loose Park – a mere 15 minutes after leaving the house! – the rain had stopped and the sun was coming out again. What a midwest moment!

When Caitlin & Brody arrived, we were set for a beautiful evening exploring Loose Park’s peak fall foliage. Caitlin & Brody actually just got engaged a couple of weeks ago!! Just days after Brody proposed, Caitlin reached out to me hoping to catch fall’s last foliage during their engagement. And I’m so glad that Mother Nature helped make that happen!

Caitlin & Brody’s love story is relationship goals. The two met through mutual friends at the Plaza Art Fair just two years ago. The crazy thing though? They grew up less than 15 minutes apart! Throughout the years their circles overlapped, but their paths never actually crossed until that fateful evening among the art. That night, they spotted each other across the group and were instantly magnetized to each other. Brody boldly offered to buy Caitlin and drink, and the two got to chatting. And they didn’t stop chatting all night. By the end of the evening, the rest of the friend group assumed that they already knew each other and had been dating for awhile. Talk about love at first sight!

I’m so very glad that I got to capture this exciting time in Caitlin & Brody’s lives so soon after their proposal! You can tell that the initial euphoria of their new titles of fiancé hasn’t worn off yet, and it shows in their photos. See for yourself!


It was an honor to capture this exciting time in your lives!

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