sunrise in Central Park // New York City

Alyssa & Jack in Central Park

April 21, 2022


early spring elegant central park engagement session

In late March, at sunrise, Alyssa & Jack oh-so-bravely joined me in Central Park for a springtime engagement session. When we’d first picked our date, the forecast looked to be in the 50s. A little chilly, but certainly manageable. But then the temperatures started to dip. And dip some more. And dip some more…

But you’d never know it from these images! I’ve gushed and gushed about this, but I’m still so impressed with how Alyssa & Jack took on our adventure with their signature down-for-anything personalities and big smiles on their faces. Together we braved the cold and captured pure magic because of it!

This is Alyssa & Jack’s second time in front of my camera. We captured their original engagement session in Kansas City last summer. But Alyssa currently lives in New York City for work, and once they’re married Jack will be moving to the Big Apple to be with her. When I knew I’d be in NYC in March for a short vacation with Vince, I reached out the Alyssa & Jack to see if they’d be interested in stepping in front of my camera again to help me check a coveted location off my photography bucket list: Central Park.

Y’all, I absolutely adore New York. This city is near and dear to my heart. It’s the first city I ever traveled to by plane, in third grade with my grandmother. I’ve since visited the city countless times, and it seems to snatch another piece of my heart with each visit. And Central Park is easily my favorite spot in the entire city. I love how you can feel simultaneously surrounded by the city, while nestled in the protective cocoon of the trees. It’s just stunning.

After their session, I treated A&J to breakfast at Ralph’s Coffee as a thank you to them so graciously braving the cold with me. Over delicious coffee and pastries we warmed up and got to know each other a bit more. At one point Alyssa asked me what locations were on my bucket list to photograph portraits, and I surprisingly didn’t have a good answer. I think it’s because I often find myself more inspired by aesthetics, than geographic places (if that makes sense). For instance, I am very inspired by spaces with beautiful ornate architecture, lush and abundant florals, and wide landscape vistas. And lots of places have one (or all three!) of those things.

So it got me thinking about what specific places would check those boxes for me… The first that come to mind are:

– the gardens of Versailles
– Washington, DC
– The Alcazar, Seville, Spain
– Camp Hale, CO
– Haiku Mill, HI
– Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY
– Longwood Gardens, PA
– Lake Como
– Morocco

Okay, now I’m feeling extra inspired! Who wants to help me cross one of these spots off my bucket list?

P.S. I’m told that this is the most Alyssa has ever run since probably grade school gym. (I tried to keep Alyssa & Jack warm by having them run and move as much as possible in their photos!) But doesn’t she look like a total pro? In high heels no less?? Have we found Alyssa’s new sport?

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