custom branded imagery

Jules & Zoa Salon

March 10, 2020


What better way to spend a chilly January morning than with the lovely ladies of Jules & Zoa Salon in Overland Park, Kansas?

Julie, the founder and owner of Jules & Zoa first approached me needing headshots and images of the salon for her website and social media. Our initial conversation quickly morphed into a plan to create imagery for Jules & Zoa’s social media accounts. Julie was very interested in the idea of creating imagery that captured her and her staff providing the actual services they advertise. What better way to bring a brand to life?

Below you’ll see imagery from my custom branding session with Jules & Zoa. Guys, these ladies are tremendously wonderful to be around, and true pros at their craft. Definitely check them out if you’re on the hunt for a new salon where you’ll be treated like an old friend right when you walk through the door!

the salon

Imagery of the salon featured a mixture of the entire space along with key details that bring out the salon’s personality.

styled salon services

team headshots

Each staff member received two sets of headshots: one set in front of a white walled backdrop, and one in front of the salon’s signature floral wall.

Thank you to Julie and the entire Jules & Zoa team for your wonderful hospitality during our session!

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