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Bridal Inspiration at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

March 25, 2022


couture wedding inspiration at Vizcaya Museum in Miami

I’ve tried to write about my experience at Vizcaya about a dozen times. Honestly, words don’t do it justice. I could talk about how every model was perfectly styled in their Galia Lahav couture gowns. I could gush about the beauty of Vizcaya as a dream location to photograph. I could rave about what it was like to meet and truly learn from Julie Paisley and how grateful I am for the true connections I’ve made with the other photographers that shot alongside me. But it all wouldn’t be enough. And it wouldn’t quite capture what this shoot meant to me.

Even though it’s only been two short weeks since this magical day, I already feel like a new photographer with new skills, direction, and purpose. Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to figure out why I feel so different, and why this day means so much to me. And I think I finally figured it out.

You see, when I first started my photography business in 2016, I was brand new to the photography world. If I’m completely honest, I barely knew how to use my camera. I wasn’t super confident in “finding” good light. And I certainly wasn’t as proficient in flash as I am now (thank goodness).

All of that lack of confidence was only amplified by the imposter syndrome I felt every time I’d scroll social media. There were soooooo many talented photographers on there showcasing the most stunning images. How was I ever going to measure up to them?

To make up for my perceived photographic shortcomings, I leaned into a part of my company that I knew I was good at: the business side. Organization, communication, and connection have always been strengths of mine, so I chose to showcase that part of my personality and business over my actual artwork. So much so that I started to feel like I was a business owner first, and a creative photographer second.

But ever since this shoot, I’m starting to feel more and more like a real creative. A new passion and drive has awoken in me. I feel like I could shoot right alongside those photographers I used to admire from afar on Instagram. I feel like my right brain business side and my left brain creative side are starting to reach some sort of equilibrium. I feel more confident and at peace. I feel ready.

To say I’m eager to put this newfound drive and passion to use in the 2022 wedding season is an understatement. But for now, let me show you some of my absolute favorite images from this truly inspiring day.

Let’s hear it for the team that made this day exceptional!

Host & Lead Photographer: Julie Paisley
Photographer: Bailey Pianalto
Gowns & Veil: Galia Lahav
Design and Styling: RSVP Event Designs
Hair & Makeup: Brazil Raine with Kat of LAJessica Portillo Hair
Hair Adornments & Jewelry: Lindsay Marie Design
Rings: Trumpet & Horn
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Floral Design: The Petal Creative
Menswear: Leonardo Fifth Avenue
Coordination: Ema Giangreco Weddings
Venue: Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

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