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15 Fun Facts About Me

February 19, 2020

Bailey on the Blog

15 fun facts about Bailey Pianalto

I love the idea of coffee, but I can’t drink very much. I can only drink one cup of coffee each day. I’ve tried to drink more than one cup a day. I have tried to still function like a human being after that second – or third – cup of coffee. I have failed. 

I once coached a KU basketball game. In third grade at a barnstorming game I struck up the nerve to sit on the team’s bench (the coach wasn’t there). I slowly inched my way closer to the team and eventually they embraced me into their circle. It’s likely that my halftime speech helped clinch the win.

I used to not like my name. Once when I was really young my mom asked if I liked my name. I told it was alright, but I really wish my name was Mary Poppins.

If I had to, I’d choose Seinfeld over FriendsI found Seinfeld earlier in life than Friends, and the preference seems to have been set early.

My first pets were two orange fish named Mack and Cheese. I brought these two fishies home – without asking – in 5th grade. 

I met my husband playing kickball. We were on a coed evening kickball team organized by mutual friends. Our team produced three marriages, which is why I always tell people looking to meet someone that they’ve got to join a coed sports league!

15 fun facts about Bailey Pianalto

Nora’s full name is Norbert. The night before we adopted Nora, we were having trouble deciding her name (her name at Wayside Waifs was Nicole…) I offered “Nora” and Vince liked it. To which I immediately said, “And her full name can be Norbert like the dragon!”

I learned how to ski when I was 4, then learned how to snowboard when I was 13. I really enjoyed skiing (and still miss it sometimes) but after doing it for almost 10 years I wanted a new challenge on the slopes. 

If I don’t write something down, it’s not going to happen. Seriously, I am so into lists. I should have my own stock in Stickie Notes. 

Similarly, I take color coding very seriously. I’m such a visual person that this helps me more quickly visualize a task and its context to all of my other tasks and lists around it.

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life, it’d be potatoes. Think about it – they’re so incredibly versatile! I could eat them baked, fried, scalloped, sliced, diced, mashed, boiled, roasted, whatever for years and probably never get bored. 

When choosing between cake, cookies, or pie, I choose pie. That buttery flaky crust gets me every time!

My first job was at my neighborhood pool. For one sweet summer I was a snack bar attendant at my local pool. 

I have never been to Las Vegas. I never consciously avoided visiting Las Vegas, it’s just never been high enough on my list.

I studied Spanish and Anthropology in undergrad. While I don’t directly use my undergrad degrees I know that they have helped shape me to be the person I am today.

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