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Meet Teagan

Kansas City, MO

In January, on a cold snowy day not unlike today, I paid a visit to the Lester home to meet their newest addition, Teagan! This little girl’s loving parents received their gift early last year when Teagan was born on Christmas Eve! The stork must’ve passed Santa on its rush to the hospital 😉

I loved getting to capture these early memories for this growing family in their own home. There’s something so personal and so very special about creating these memories in the rooms where you spend your life and raise your family. It allows for a more documentary capture as well. When you’re in your own home, you’re more relaxed and tend to naturally settle into your familiar routines and habits. Getting to capture these types of truly candid moments is so special 🙂

Photographing Teagan was a pure joy. At one month old, she is an inquisitive wiggly little baby that has a lot to say. I especially loved capturing the moments when she tried to break free from her swaddles. She may not be able to break free yet, but I have a feeling that her parents will have an escape artist on their hands in just a few short months!

Scout, the Lesters’ original fur baby, even joined in on the fun of the afternoon. He seemed less excited by the family’s newest addition, but he was a good sport and posed for a few photos as well 🙂











Welcome to the world, sweet Teagan!
I can’t wait to watch you grow 🙂

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